STL-ASP-105 BL : SATEL Wirelessly Triggered Outdoor Siren


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Wireless triggering of optical and acoustical signaling
Optical signaling: ultra bright LEDs
Selection of four acoustic signals
Remote configuration
Long-lasting rechargeable battery powered by external power supply
Tamper protection: against opening, against removing from mounting surface
available also in blue (ASP-105 BL) and orange (ASP-105 O)
Built-In Battery 6 V 1,2 Ah
Supply Voltage 12 V DC
Enclosure Dimensions 148 x 254 x 64 mm
Operating Temperature Range -25…+70 °C
Standby Mode Current Consumption 30 mA
Weight 1010 g
The Intensity Of Sound up to 120 dB
Maximum Humidity 93 ±3%
Operating Frequency Band 868,0 ÷ 868,6 MHz
Radio Communication Range (In Open Area) up to 500m
Environmental Class According To EN50130-5 IV
Complied With Standards EN 50130-4, EN 50130-5, EN 50131-1, EN 50131-4, EN 50131-5-3
Maximum Current Consumption-Optical Signaling 80 mA
Maximum Current Consumption-Acoustic Signaling 225 mA
Maximum Current Consumption-Optical And Acoustic Signaling 265 mA
Security Grade According To EN 50130-4 Grade 2
Name Of Certification Body Telefication
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2018-03-19 STL-ASP-105 BL Product Catalog PDF
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