About Saxco Marketing

Does your company deal with end user?

Sorry, we are not. We only deal with wholesaler and dealer.

Where do our business market involve?

Our business is covered whole over Malaysia with 20 years strong foundation and always in good reputation. Now, we have market oversea such as Singapore and Thailand.

About Shipping Restrictions

How much am I charged for shipping fees?

West Malaysia – City-Link
Perlis Kedah Penang Perak
Kelantan Terengganu Pahang Malacca
Kuala Lumpur Selangor Johor
Weight Fees
First: ≤ 10000g RM 15.00
Second: 1000g RM 1.50
Standard delivery time is 1-2 working days.
East Malaysia – City-Link
Sabah Sarawak Labuan
Weight Fees
First: ≤ 10000g RM 10.00
Second: 1000g RM 8.00
Standard delivery time is within 5 working days.

How do I make the payment after making orders?

Banking Transfer method

Bank Account Number Reception
Public Bank 311 9825 409 Saxco Marketing Sdn. Bhd
Maybank 5141 9631 1191 Saxco Marketing Sdn. Bhd
Alliance Bank 1206 0001 6000 321 Saxco Marketing Sdn. Bhd
CIMB 1250 000 2263 054 Saxco Marketing Sdn. Bhd
  • Please email your receipt to account@saxco.com.my, after transfer amount to our company account.
  • Company only makes delivery after confirming the payment is done, unless customer requests products which need us to order from oversea supplier, then customer need to pay 50% down payment. When receive the items, customer to pay the rest 50%.

What happens if my delivery goes missing or is damaged?

In case of any problems with your delivery, we will be in direct contact to the carrier to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will make every effort to contact you and keep you informed of the progress of our investigation and where appropriate, deliver a replacement.

Please check carefully in detail the items before signing to receive. You can open the package in front of the carrier, if find out the items inside are damaged, you should take photos as a proven, and don’t sign to receive, call our Customer Service, +6016-228-3878.

About Warranty

Term And Condition

  • One-to-one replacement of faulty hardwares to be given within 1 week from the date of purchase (subject to inspection by technical team).
  • Warranty covers manufacturing defects only, exclude Lightning / Power Surge.
  • Saxco Marketing Sdn Bhd reserves the right to replace or repair the relevant parts with the same or equivalent parts of product.

Hard Disk

  • We do not accept any repairing service for the following characteristics:-
    • Dented mark at the corner
    • Dented mark on the surface
    • Missing screw
    • Scratch mark on the surface
    • Burnt mark
    • Damaged or missing pin
    • Rusted/ Water mark
    • Missing serial number
  • We do not accept any repairing request if the item does not meet any as above.
  • Charges will be imposed if the item fails to meet as above.
  • The time taken for your repaired product to be done may vary depending on the demand during the repairing process.
  • Customers are solely responsible for any shipping involved including the shipping fees.
  • We are not responsible for any defects or damage of the products during the shipping.
  • Customers are solely responsible for any shipping involved including the shipping fees.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
  • We reserve the right to update, modify or replace any part of the terms & conditions of HDD repair without prior notice.

Twister Pairs

Item Code Warranty
TWC-TTA103-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP101-C-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP101-C-HD-4M No warranty
TWC-TTP101-HD-4M No warranty
TWC-TTP101PV-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP101PVTR-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP101PVTR-HD-S No warranty
TWC-TTP104-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP104PV-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP108-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP108PV-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP116-HD No warranty
TWC-TTP116PV-HD No warranty
TW-PFM800B-4K No warranty
TW-PVT/HD No warranty
TW-PVT01TR No warranty
TW-PVT16 No warranty
TW-PVT4 No warranty
TW-PVT604/HD No warranty
TW-POE-EXT No warranty
Taiwan Twisted Pair
TW-CA101HD 6 Months
TW-CB001VH 6 Months
TW-CE101 6 Months
TW-CE200 6 Months
TW-CE400 6 Months
TW-CO-E/POE 6 Months
TW-CO-E/POE-1 6 Months
TW-CO-IP 6 Months
TW-CVI-TTP111C2 6 Months
TW-CVI-TTP111HD 6 Months
TW-E-IP/E 6 Months
TW-GL001 6 Months
TW-GL001H 6 Months
TW-GL001HDP 6 Months
TW-SP001 6 Months
TW-SP001VP 6 Months
TW-SP003 6 Months
TW-SP004 6 Months
TW-SP005 6 Months
TW-SP005/POE 6 Months
TW-SP005E 6 Months
TW-SP005VPD 6 Months
TW-SP006 6 Months
TW-SP007 6 Months
TW-SP008 6 Months
TW-SP009 6 Months
TW-SP009T 6 Months
TW-SP016 6 Months
TW-TDP414VP 6 Months
TW-TPA008-2 6 Months
TW-TPA016-2 6 Months
TW-TPA016H-2 6 Months
TW-TTA111AV-2 6 Months
TW-TTA111AVR 6 Months
TW-TTA111AVT 6 Months
TW-TTA111HDR 6 Months
TW-TTA111HDT 6 Months
TW-TTA111V-2 6 Months
TW-TTA111VR 6 Months
TW-TTA111VT 6 Months
TW-TTA414VR 6 Months
TW-TTP102 6 Months
TW-TTP111HD 6 Months
TW-TTP111HDLK 6 Months
TW-TTP111HDPK 6 Months
TW-TTP111VE 6 Months
TW-TTP111VEL 6 Months
TW-TTP111VGA 6 Months
TW-TTP111VK 6 Months
TW-TTP-111VLH 6 Months
TW-TTP111VP 6 Months
TW-TTP111VPD 6 Months
TW-TTP111VPJ 6 Months
TW-TTP111VPK-T 6 Months
TW-TTP111VT 6 Months
TW-TTP414HD/td> 6 Months
TW-TTP414V 6 Months
TW-TTP414VD 6 Months
TW-TTP414VH 6 Months
TW-TTP444V 6 Months
TW-TTP444VPD 6 Months
VS-CD102 6 Months
VS-CD102HD-U 6 Months
VS-CD104-2 6 Months
VS-CD104HD-U 6 Months
VS-CD108 6 Months
VS-CD1632HD 6 Months
VS-CD408 6 Months
VS-CD408HD 6 Months
VS-CD816-2 6 Months
TW-TTA111AV-2 6 Months
TW-TTA111AVR 6 Months
TW-TTA111HDR 6 Months
TW-TTA111HDT 6 Months
TW-TTA111V-2 6 Months
TW-TTA111VR 6 Months
TW-TTA111VT 6 Months
TW-TTP111VK 6 Months

Surge Protector

Item Code Warranty
TWC-SP201E No warranty
TWC-SP201EG No warranty
TWC-SP201P/12 No warranty
TWC-SP201P/24 No warranty
TWC-SP201POE No warranty
TWC-SP201V-HD No warranty
TWC-SP208V-HD No warranty
TWC-SP216VD-HD No warranty
TW-ID1-C/2-320-20 No warranty
TW-ID1-C/3+N-PE No warranty
TW-ID1-NPE1C3/320 No warranty
TW-ID3-4/320 No warranty
TW-ID4-1C2/275-F No warranty
TW-ID4-2C2/320-F No warranty
TW-ID4-2C2/320-T No warranty
TW-ID4-NPE1C2/275-F No warranty
TW-ID6-4C1+2/275-F No warranty
TW-ACSP-V1 No warranty
TW-ACSP-V2 No warranty